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As every haulier of grain, livestock and food stuffs knows, regulations have to be adhered to rigorously.

At Pollards Weighbridge Tickets we pride ourselves on our up-to-date knowledge of what is required to transport your commodities legally and safely.

As part of our service we advise our customers of the latest information that should be incorporated on their weighbridge tickets, if it’s the last three loads recorded, food transportation hygiene regulation. Fats and oils carriage requirements, trailer I.D. numbers, cover cleaning cycles or animal health information, we aim to give the most complete service available.

Not only will our tickets work with your weighing equipment, they will have all the regulatory information required.

Ask for a visit from or weighbridge ticket manager to see if your tickets comply.

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If you sell or buy off your weighbridge it is essential you have the right ticket for your industry, we advise on the use and different types of ticket you should be using, our advice is free and ongoing throughout our relationship with you.

Our Tickets are Guaranteed to work with your weighbridge, whatever the make. We offer an industry leading service along with outstanding product quality.

Pollards Weighbridge Tickets will work with your equipment, are up-to-date legally and with our service, the best value for money.

Ask you Weighbridge supplier about Pollards Weighbridge Tickets.

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